Macuhealth with LMZ3


LMZ3 is a formulation of naturally occurring nutrients that shield the central retina from the effects of aging and light damage.  

There is a growing body of evidence that the combination of lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin, uniquely contained in LMZ3, enhances visual performance, protects against age-related blindness and safeguards vision into the future.
Advantages of MESO-ZEAXANTHIN in Macuhealth with LMZ3
   The center of the retina is responsible for central vision, and is an area known as the macula.  As we get older, blue light and free radicals damage central vision, and the most common cause of blindness in the Western World, a condition known as age-related macular degeneration, or AMD.  People with AMD lose the ability to read, recognize faces, watch television and drive, and therefore lose their independence.
   There is an important and naturally occurring pigment at the back of the eye, known as macular pigment, which is entirely of dietary origin.  This pigment is made up of 3 compounds, known as lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z) and meso-zeaxanthin (meso-Z).  Interestingly, meso-Z is only found at the macula, whereas L and Z are also found in serum and in diet.
   Macular pigment is yellow in color, and therefore absorbs blue light.  Also, macular pigment is a powerful neutralizer of free radicals.  It is perhaps unsurprising, therefore, that this pigment protects the central retina from the ageing process, because both blue light damage and free radicals are believed to contribute to AMD.
   Indeed, there is a growing and compelling body of evidence that a lack of this macular pigment in the eye increases an individual’s risk for developing AMD, and that appropriate supplements reduce one’s risk of this condition.
   LMZ3 is a unique formulation of macular pigment because, in addition to L and Z, it also, and distinctively, contains meso-Z.  The importance of meso-Z rests on the fact that it is not found in a typical diet (although it is found in unusual foods, such as oysters), and is uniquely important for macular health.  The importance of meso-Z for visual health is reflected in the fact that L is converted to meso-Z in the retina only, and also because mezo-Z is only found at the center of the fovea, where vision is sharpest.  Also, meso-Z is a more powerful neutralizer of free radicals than either L or Z.  Furthermore, the presence of meso-Z results in the filtration of a wider range of damaging blue light.  Moreover, meso-Z is more closely related to vulnerable photoreceptors at an anatomic level than either L or Z, and is therefore ideally located to afford protection against free radical damage of these important cells of vision.  And finally, and most importantly, supplementation with meso-Z will ensure that this component of macular pigment accumulates at the target tissue (i.e. the central macula) in a way that is not dependent on an enzyme to isomerise L.  Indeed, such an enzyme may be lacking in some individuals.
“In my opinion, the best formulation for maintaining visual health, and for safeguarding vision into old age, would contain lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin.  Such a combination is optimal for shielding the central retina from damaging wavelengths of light, and from injury by free radicals”, said Mr. Stephen Beatty, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Ireland.
“Given that Meso-zeaxanthin is not normally found in a standard diet, is a stronger antioxidant than both lutein and zeaxanthin, and allows for a wider range of blue-light filtration, its presence in a supplement will undoubtedly be of benefit for maintaining visual performance”, said Dr. John Nolan, Vision Scientist


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GWH‎ - Jan 11, 2012 5 stars

Our family has been seeing Dr. Vanden Boom for our eye care for ~20 years. We have always found the staff to be friendly, courteous, professional and helpful. We have been especially pleased with Dr. Vanden Boom. In all this time, our family of six has never had any reason for complaint. We like the Optomap retinal exam -- no dilation.


Jennifer‎ - Nov 7, 2011 5 stars

I have been seeing Dr. Nelson since my LASIK six years ago and couldn't be happier. The staff @ Eye Contact is friendly and the hours to get an appt are built for those of that work 9-5. This particular appt was on my lunch hour. I was in and out in no time. Spend the extra money for the Optimap. It is valuable to compare the yearly scans.

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Sean L. - 3/5/2012 5 stars

As a very proactive optometrist, you can immediately tell that Dr. Nelson is dedicated to making sure that your eyes are healthy and that you are given all the information that you need to make the appropriate decisions about your care.  

It also helps that he's a super-friendly guy with a very easy going manner.  

And don't forget to take your fish oil and wear your sunglasses!

Padraic M.

12/21/2011 5 stars

Been going to Dr David P Nelson for 6 years. Good natured staff is well informed and gives tons of info about the various parts of the exams, the billing process, and contact lens and glasses sales.  You will leave your appointment knowledgeable about the health of your eyes and your eyesight.